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Genesis Housing

Development Corporation

"Making a Difference Through Rebuilding Our Community"

Genesis Housing Development Corporation is helping to bring contractor jobs, training and services to Chicago's Southside communities.

DON LEMON: Organized Religion; Why We Aren’t Going To Church Anymore

By Don Lemon


Many people donned their Sunday bests of hats, flowery pastel dresses, and linen or seersucker suits to attend church on Easter Sunday.

But it is getting harder and harder to fill those pews even on Easter, the busiest Sunday of the year because, according to a Pew study, the only religious group in the U.S. that is growing is the religiously unaffiliated.

A major new report from The Brookings Institute which will go into more detail about why will be released later this week.

The study will show that, ‘young Americans today are less affiliated religiously than any previous youth cohort in history.’

The Public Religion Research Institute also has found that 35 percent of Americans under age 30 are unaffiliated.

It also states that one-in-five 18 to 29 year olds say that religion is not important in their lives, compared to only 10 percent of those 50 and older who say that.’


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Chris Brown Bodyguard Guilty, Brown’s Trial Delayed

By The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Singer Chris Brown’s trial on an assault charge in Washington, which had been set for Monday, has been postponed until Wednesday. A judge delayed it while attorneys work out issues over testimony from Brown’s bodyguard, who was convicted of assault in a separate trial.

Both Brown and bodyguard Christopher Hollosy were arrested in October after a man accused them of punching him outside a Washington hotel. Hollosy told police that he punched the man after he tried to get on Brown’s tour bus. But the man says Brown and later Hollosy punched him after he tried to get in a photo Brown was taking with two women. Judge Patricia Wynn set Hollosy’s sentencing for June 25.

Brown’s attorneys now want Hollosy to testify at the singer’s trial. Hollosy would be expected to say that he, not Brown, punched 20-year-old Parker Adams outside the W Hotel. But Hollosy’s lawyer Bernard Grimm told a judge he plans to appeal his client’s conviction. Unless prosecutors grant Hollosy immunity, testifying in Brown’s case could affect his appeal.

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