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This Domestic Violence Ad May Be The Most Important Thing You’ll See During The Super Bowl

By Danielle Young, Lifestyle Editor

This Sunday during the Super Bowl, the NFL will be running a commercial that’s not funny–one that will address domestic violence in a very potent way. This commercial will be the first of its kind, especially during one of the most-watched sports show in the Unite States. The NFL donated Super Bowl airtime for the PSA and paid its production costs. The NFL decided to team up with No More after a flurry of headlines where some of their biggest star players have been involved in domestic and child domestic abuse scandals. So what better place than on the same stage as the heavily viewed game?

The Grey New York and NoMore.org ad is short, but hits hard. There will be a 30-second version of the commercial airing during the Super Bowl, but the extended version is above. The call is reportedly based on a real-life scenario. You can hear a woman calling 911, as if she’s ordering a pizza. The dispatcher is confused, but doesn’t give up on the woman, asking her if she’s got an emergency and if she can’t talk because the person she fears speaking up about is with her. It’s simple, but stunning:

 “I’d like to order a pizza for delivery.”

“Ma’am, you’ve reached 911. This is an emergency line.”

“Yeah, a large with half pepperoni, half mushrooms.”

“Um, you know you’ve called 911? This is an emergency line.”

“Do you know how long it will be?”

“OK, ma’am, is everything OK over there? Do you have an emergency or not?”


“…and you’re unable to talk because?”

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